Insurance – Taking Precaution Against Misfortunes

Life is full of risks and sometimes when we are faced with adversities; it becomes hard to bounce back into our normal shape almost immediately. This is where insurance comes in. It refers to the ability to manage risk. Well, somebody might say that, risk cannot be managed because it is not predictable, but at a close look and through non-logical eyes, risk can be managed.

Insurance is simply taking precaution against misfortunes that may hit us at any unforeseen point in time. The process of taking this cover involves two parties, known as the insurer and the insured. The two parties get into an agreement that in case of any misfortunes, the insurer will compensate the insured with some lump sum of money. For this to happen, the insured must make payments to the insurer at given intervals of time. This agreement is referred to as a policy.

Depending on the risk factor that the insurer wishes to take cover against, the rate is calculated at which the insured will be making deposits to the insurer. The deposits are known as premiums and they earn a given percentage of interest, such that the insured is actually given more than what they have paid to the insurer by the time the loss takes place.

There are many types of risk management policies that can be bought. They include health, life, car or employment risk management policies. The employment policies are mostly taken by employers on behalf of employees in case they are injured or if they incur a misfortune in their course of duty. Insurance is guided by a number of principles, all of which are key to ensuring that the contract entered by the two parties flows smoothly and without one party being unfair to the other.

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