Investing and Buying in France

Aside from investing stocks, real estate investing in France is inevitably associated with the purchase of a home in which to live or to retire. Buying a home in France is worth the money and trouble but the decision to take the plunge can be very difficult and may be costly. It would be wise in a new country to rent a building from which the searcher may observe, analyze and decide on the future home to buy.

Potentially attractive areas

France offers a wide range of attractions for people looking to invest in a home, buy one or to retire in comfort in. There are 3 main areas to ponder and choose from: the city area itself, the outer suburbs and the countryside.


Living in close proximity to the glitter, pulsating pace and glamour of the city has lured many to work or live. The city is divided into 20 numbered arrondissements or neighborhoods which are, in this article, divided further into 5 lots of 4 neighborhoods for convenience.

In the center, real estate is very expensive but this gradually tapers off with distance away from the city center. Apartments are the main type of accommodation in the neighborhoods but prices offered vary according to prestige, demand and availability.

Arrondissments 1-5

These neighborhoods are the most prestigious where prices of residential apartments range between €15,700 to €7,000 per sq. meter. The neighborhood boasts large boulevards and the much sought after IIe St Louis, tall wooden building doors, elegant courtyards and mansion apartments. Many historical buildings dot the landscape.

Arrondissments 6-10

The area is adorned with medieval streets, cool restaurants, bookshops and fashion houses with a notable presence of academia. Some areas can set the buyer back with a sizeable €15,000 per sq. meter in the more posh areas while some may set the searcher back by €7,000 per sq. meter. Prices are not much different from the first five neighborhoods.

Arrondissments 11-15

The area accommodates a mixed population of married couples, middle class and poor immigrants, trendy shops and Chinatown. Further away from the center are the residences of young families, UK and US expatriates around the Montsouris park. All the neighborhoods are solid residential areas where prices range between €10,000 and €5,000 per sq. meter,.

Arrondissments 16 -20

This is where the wealthy families and young find their abode with some areas attracting high accommodation prices for breath-taking views of the city. Some very enticing and pleasant areas can be found here but also some rough areas where prices are understandably low. A sizeable African population dwells in the outer parts of the area and prices range from €11,500 to as low as €3,000 per sq. meter in some parts.

The Parisian suburbs

People who desire to live not too far away from the city and enjoy green spaces at the same time are likely to prefer the suburbs of Paris. They can choose from the six very enticing departments of Yvelines, Essone, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-St. Denis,Val-de- Marne and Val-d’Oise. Here, classy accommodation comprising apartments and houses are expensive with prices ranging between €1.5 million and €175,000.

The countryside

Searchers can extend their excursion into the countryside as many investors and buyers have done and enjoy the freedom and relaxing atmosphere of open spaces. Many have chosen Versailles and Saint-German-en-Laye surrounded by forest or the Cevreuse valley. There are many countryside options with prices more or less uniform ranging from €400,000 and €200,000.

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