Investing Australia – Top 4 Plays From Down Under

While most countries on earth were experiencing melt down in 2008, our friends down under never really went into the recession cycle. Yes, during unprecedented global and economic strife, Australia stayed largely unaffected.

Sure, they had a slow down, but it did not qualify as a recession. The good news now for investors and traders is that, unlike many countries, the economy down under is growing!

The housing market in Australia was also largely untouched during the downturn. While the American housing market is trying to find its footing, Australian home prices are making new highs! This is causing consumers there to feel confident as their net worth is growing. Also, the population of Australia is growing at a record pace. This means the housing market looks good for possibly years to come!

The Australian government, like many around the world, provided a stimulus plan to help improve the economy. The big difference is that the government there could afford to do so.

Probably the most attractive aspect for investors is the trade that Australia has with Asia. The resource rich nation has long been a favorite supplier to nearby China. This and many other factors has investors strongly eyeing down under plays.

Here are a few simple ways for you to invest in Australia.

First a couple ETF plays:

Here is an ETF that invests in Australian currency:

CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust (FXA)

The Australian dollar has been one of the world’s strongest currencies lately.

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