Investing Ideas – Are Books for You?

Selecting your method for Investing in the stock market can be somewhat scary. With today’s internet popularity a Google search will give you 16,900,000 results if you ask, “how to invest in the stock market.” The same question on Amazon produces 338 results. So what can you do?

I have previously discussed many aspects of investing and sources for selecting your trading method, but with all the resources available on the internet, printed books and eBooks, it can get confusing, if not overwhelming.

A few authors have pumped out not just one or two but many books advising you on how to manage your money and how to invest. So again, “What do you do?”

In this article and future articles I want to explore in more depth some of these sources and mechanisms for you to use in making your purchase and selling decisions.

The focus in this article is on books and web resources. The first thing to recognize and remember is that almost none of books or websites agree entirely with each other. Let me say this another way: no two books or websites are going to give you the same answer. This doesn’t mean their recommendations or methods are wrong, no, it just means they are different. It also means you need to invest in a way that makes you comfortable and fits with your goals and the amount of time you have for managing your investments.

You can spend hundreds of dollars buying books, and hundreds of hours reading books and websites. Magazines can give you a lot of the same information but you would need to read each issue for a year or two to accumulate as much information as equal to one book.

One of the first books I read was “24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success” by William J. Oneil. If nothing else, the book got me thinking and for that reason I believe it is good readying. (No, I am not associated with Oneil or his companies in any way).

When I go to my local bookstores and look for books on investing there are not 338 titles, 35 if I am lucky but usually just a dozen or so; and who picked them? Someone in marketing or someone familiar with successful investing?

You can also go directly to a publisher’s website that specializes in investment books, like Traders Press,

What I recommend is reading a few books, scanning and reviewing a few websites to educate yourself on different methods of investing. Probably a few of any of the top 20 books on Amazon (with reviews you like) would give you a good foundation.

Remember that almost all websites and authors want to sell you something. I just mention it because you want to feel comfortable with how you are going to make your investment decisions before committing yourself.

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