Investing in 2012

When we are talking about investment, this word has been heard often enough. A lot of people or friends do not really understand what investment is and desperate to start investing without knowing the contents of their investments. Be careful. You may experience losses instead of profits.

Investment is a concept commonly done in the financial world in order to develop the value of money. Development is represented in the form of return or interest.

A good investment product is a product that suits to your needs and your character. It is not all of investment products are suitable and necessary need at once. You have to understand of how the product will deliver the maximum benefit and risks that may arise.

Deposit Account.

This product is commonly used by those who has a risk-tend of more conservative or safe (with fixed interest and protect the initial), as compared with other investment products. The period is very diverse, typically 3, 6, or 12 months. If you try to withdraw before its due date, you will be penalized.

Although this type of investment is less able to compensate for the inflation rate, the deposit is still required and can be utilized in the process of financial planning. This product is suitable for storing the funds that will be required within one year.

Gold – Precious Metals

There are gold bullion and jewelry. The difference is, when you are buying gold jewelry; you are buying a gram of gold plus the difficulty of manufacture. When you are willing to sell it back, the ‘difficulty value’ is not counted. Thus, for investment purpose, certified gold bullion is much better.


Property investment has been recognized for long. Currently, the attraction of property is not only land, but also houses, townhouses, apartments, villas, and other residential properties. The most crucial thing when investing in property is location.


When deciding to begin to invest in stocks, you must commit to have it in the long term, 5 years-10 years. If you only intend to purchase in the short term and make a profit on the price difference, then you are not investors, but your are a trader or broker.

Stock investment is more suitable for those in young age. Why? It is because the stock is an investment product for the long term. Stocks often need more time to develop.

This investment has the principle of high risk, high return. Perform an analysis of companies with the potential to grow continuously in the future.

Mutual Funds

There are four conventional mutual fund products: money market funds, fixed income funds, mixed funds, and stock or equity funds.

Mutual funds help the investors, especially beginners, who have limited funds, time, and knowledge to investing directly into stock. The important thing is the suitability of types of mutual funds with a risk profile and your financial planning goals.

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