Investing in Agriculture in Northern Nigeria

Nigeria is located in the West African sub-region in African continent. She is blessed with abundant rain forest, savanna forest etc. with enough Sun shine and rain fall all the year round. She has two major seasons-rainy season and dry season. Then raining season starts from mid March to October, while dry season starts from October to March. These seasons are very good for cultivation.

The Northern Nigeria is predominantly savanna forest. The rainy season starts from May to October, while the dry season starts from October to April. The dry season is further sub-divided into two: the harmatan season that starts from November to February. This period is characterized with very cold and dry and cold weather. This is usually the time for harvesting farm produce.

The soil of this region is sandy loamy suitable for crops like groundnut, cotton, wheat, maize, cowpea, soya beans, sogium, guinecorn, millet etc. This soil is very easy to cultivate. There no trees to fall. Most of the trees there are shrubs. Tractors, animals and man can be to cultivate the soil. The grasses are tilled together with the so to act as manure to the crops. The soil is arable and very fertile which require small application of organic and inorganic manure.

These crops can be grown and processed for local, industrial and export uses. So investing in this region is relatively cheap as land and are available. Investment can be for industrial and export uses. This can double or triple your investment. There are irrigation facilities for all the year farming.

Finally, one can invest in agricultural machineries, hires, sales, and services.

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