Investment Management – Why You Need To Manage Your Own Portfolio

One of the reasons why mutual funds and fund managers are some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world is simply because the majority of people are “lazy” when it comes to investing. Its much easier to simply hand your money to someone else and let them do the hard work for you. let them worry about it. After all, they are the professionals, aren’t they?

I believe that this is a very bad and wrong approach to investing – even if you are just starting out with your investing plan. handing the responsibility of your money over to someone else is suicide as many people experienced first hand when the global markets started crumbling back in 2008. Mutual funds do have a place and should have a part in your overall investment plan, but when it comes to investing your money, you need to take responsibility.

Mutual funds are very conservative and although they have a lot of financial power to invest, their approach is designed as a “one size fits all” even though we all have very different investment goals. when you start looking into the fees they charge and how well they protect themselves then its hardly the wise way to invest. Yes, its the easiest way but its most definitely not the best way.

Your money is something that you need to be responsible for at all times. Managing your own portfolio is very important simply because it allows you to know exactly where you stand at all time. Wise investing requires prompt action when its needed and being in control yourself will allow you to do just that. managing all your investments may seem like a big task, but its something that we can all learn to do. Not only will you make better investments but you will probably be much more secure in your investments.

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