Investment Peaks: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Everyone has heard the old adage; what goes up, must come down. The statement is also true when it comes to investments. People are usually concerned when the market that their money is in begins to drop. No one thinks about what will happen when that investment peaks.

To peak, is to reach the highest level. Nothing can stay suspended in thin air for too long. It eventually has to come crashing down. If investors pay close attention, they can see signs of the descent, before it knocks them off of their feet.

Looking for signs of an over extended market will let you know when the peak is about to turn into a crash. Some people may choose to ride it out, depending on how bad it looks. Others may rush to move funds around to try to ensure that their money is safe. The best way to know what to do is to consult a professional but here are a few small signs that should catch your eye.

Sudden Extreme Influx or Outflow

If you notice that funds are being traded…that cash flow into funds and equity is being exchanged, this should be seen as a warning sign that there have been some investment peaks on the market. If a company suddenly has an extreme inflow or outflow of cash, investors should start paying attention.

The Dow Indexes

It is usually a good thing when all of the Dow indexes re doing well. Yet, if all of them to hit an extreme or all-time high at the same time; it should raise an eyebrow. This can definitely be seen as a sign of investment peaks. And investors should prepare for anything.

There are many things to look out for when it comes to the market. However, there are things you can do to avoid getting caught in the downward spiral after the investment peaks occur. If you already have investments in place that are long term, leave them alone. Yet, you should have things in order in case it gets to a point that you have to pull out. If you were preparing to enter into the market because you noticed the investment peaks, hold off. Wait for the market to balance out. You stand more to lose by trying to make fast money just because it looks like the market is doing well.

Effects of Investment Peaks on the Public

Peaks in investments also have an effect on things other than the market. Let’s use a building project for example. What do you think happens when investors have reached their investment peaks? If the project isn’t done, it is put on stand still until there are re negotiations or more investors are found.

These same investment peaks effect society when it comes to housing, schools and so many other things that people need to live productive lives. Investment peaks, in these instances, means there’s no more money to give. This is when investments are most risky.

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