Investools – What Do They Offer?

Investools appears to be a Web site that is focused on helping clients operate in the stock market and advertises a number of tools to potentially help them do so, but is this merely an Investools scam?

The Web site claims to be a branch of TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation according to the information on their Web page and currently offers a number of packages for those who are interested in the stock market. The aim of the packages appears to be training and coaching those interested in trading in ways to have better success on the stock market. Their home page claims that they have been helping people to navigate the stock market for over 25 years.

What Is Investools Scam All About?

Some search engine results will pull up pieces of content that claim there is an Investools Scam, but this Web site offers three options for those who initially land on it as well as a number of information and news-related links. The options are all related to their different coaching packages and offers.

Why Investools?

This area appears to describe why an investment in the program is a good idea and includes claims that the program will help those on the stock market know when to buy and sell, will help them integrate technical stock analysis, and that users will have the ability to practice trading strategies on a proprietary platform.


Here, the Web site makes mention of a number of resources it apparently offers for those who are enrolled in the program. These include courses to help increase trading knowledge, online trading tools, coaching from a “dedicated coaching team” and a peer community for discussion.

Begin Your Education

In this section of the Web page, the purchased package is described as including videos, the “Investor Toolbox” and mentions of live phone walk-throughs of the services the company offers. Prices for the service are currently $699 or $499 for Ameritrade account holders.

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