Investor Visa: Country Comparison

There are four leading investment programmes on offer for immigrants aiming to re-locate to a first world territory. Australia, the UK, plus the United States have immigrant investor procedures, and Canada has the Canada Business Visa submission. Lets have a look at the various main features of these submissions and their pluses and minuses.

Australia’s Federal app. necessitates the highest sum of investment at $1.4 million CAD and has the highest net worth requirement. Second comes the UK with the sum of investment currently being $1.2 million CAD. 3rd would be the Us with $1 million CAD called for.

Then finally the investor stream of the Canada business visa entails the lowest investment cost with $800,000 CAD. Australia has demanding eligibility standards: the applicant has to be below 45 years of age while having good English functionality. They only grant investors a 4 yr provisional visa up to the point that the investment has matured. Then the applicant can be a permanent resident.

The Canada Business Visa is not going to have any language expectations and it’ll offer permanent residency when the investment has been made. The UK has no language or age criteria, but applicants are not allowed to apply to take a job in the United Kingdom; they can be only given permission to commence a business. Furthermore they are required to indicate an adequate amount of funds to support themselves and accompanying family. Utilizing the United States Of America programme, the applicant in truth has to actively manage a business that proceeds to employ 10 American members of staff on a full time basis. This contrasts with the investor stream within the Canada business visa which is not going to require the actual administering of any business.

The Canada business visa has a current processing time of 16-20 months under the Quebec class. Australia’s programme takes twenty-twenty two months, the UK 18-20 months and the US 18-20 months.In conclusion the Canada business visa is regarded as a more beneficial possibility than the programmes made available from Australia, the US and the United Kingdom. The obligated sum of investment is the least, it has the fastest processing time, plus the least number of restrictions.

If you desire to re-locate to a 1st world territory, the Canada business visa would seem to supply the very best solution to investors.

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