Janitorial Companies Going Green for Their Clients

It’s clear that environmental awareness and going green are not a trend. More and more people are educating themselves on environmental issues and demanding that the businesses they support are green-minded as well. Janitorial companies are one of the industries in which going green has gone mainstream.

When it comes to janitorial companies, there are many different facets of being environmentally friendly. First of all, they can switch to eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Standard cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that have negative impacts on not only the environment, but also on peoples’ health as well. Now manufacturers offer everything from window cleaners to disinfectants that have been formulated with the Earth in mind.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has weighed in on the matter and has approved a variety of products as satisfactory substitutions for traditional products like chlorine. Green Seal Certification GS-37 is a standard developed specifically for industrial-strength cleaning supplies. Products with the GS-37 label are considered safe even for settings in which more vulnerable people gather or reside, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and childcare facilities.

Chemicals present in the traditional supplies used by janitorial companies-and individuals at home-can cause a number of different health problems. They can trigger allergies and asthma. They can significantly impact indoor air pollution and increase the presence of toxins that can be absorbed through the skin. Many of them contain chemicals, which irritate the eyes and skin and have been known to cause respiratory problems. Cleaning professionals can receive thorough training to ensure they’re using these greener cleaning materials in the best way possible for optimum results.

The EPA offers janitorial companies advice on the types of things to look for when comparing cleaning solution manufacturers and distributors. Low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bio-degradability, and low toxicity are all considered priority benefits. Manufacturers of the products may boast earth-friendly practices and package their products in recycled or reduced packaging to make an even bigger statement.

Janitorial companies that are most dedicated to environmental responsibility also seek accreditation with The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, commonly known as LEED. The U.S. Green Building Council sponsors the LEED Green Building Rating System, which is useful in many different industries related to architecture and property maintenance. Buildings that are constructed for LEED certification and those that are seeking recertification have strict guidelines to follow, including their use of cleaning products. For that reason, LEED-certified businesses must choose their janitors and cleaning services very carefully.

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