Join the Australian ‘Carbon Rush’

Australia is a country looking to clean up its act. The Australian government has declared its intention to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2050. This initiative has created a wealth of opportunity for those in the know with the fasted growing market in the world: carbon credits and subsequently carbon investments.

Throughout 2011 the Australian Government has introduced the ‘Carbon Farming Initiative’ as a way to drive the country towards a future in clean energy, this initiative also opens up a huge opportunity for investors and a huge opportunity is now presented.

The ‘carbon rush’ is one which is set to be the fastest growing market in the world and Capital Alternatives are market leaders in their Carbon Credit Investment. Through the CFI people have a chance to earn money by producing carbon offsets and reducing carbon emissions; within the framework of the Carbon Credits (CFI) Act 2011 the government backed project has a buy-back price at a minimum of $23 per tonne price and more than 40% above average market prices for carbon credits in Europe this year.

This means that Australian investors have a chance to undertake a highly lucrative investment in a low risk economy with a strong currency. A carbon credit investment with offers investors a safe, socially responsible and seriously rewarding prospect with:

  • Well thought out verification and accreditation system
  • New laws protecting people investing now from any future changes to legislation
  • Minimum government backed returns
  • Fully compliant with the Carbon Farming Initiative
  • Carbon credits classed as ‘personal property’ in law and value protected
  • Price paid includes all establishment and management and fees including insurance for fire or other disasters,

This investment opportunity is based on a market which has limited amounts of approved land available. Due to the nature of the project, stringent measures are in place to ensure that all land used is fully accredited bio-diverse woodland. Only land that was cleared prior to 1990 can qualify under the CFI project; therefore there is limited opportunity for investors, not everyone can be part of the ‘carbon rush’ but those smart investors who move fast and decisively can become very happy clients, gaining high returns and helping Australia to clean up its act and reach its green targets.

The nature of them being made in Australian Carbon Credits also means that investors can be assured of participating in a truly environmentally friendly project.

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