Keep Shoplifters at Bay With the Best in Class Checkpoint Systems

Running a business is a huge responsibility. You will have to enhance your security system in order to safeguard your store from shoplifters. Every year store owners lose a great deal of revenue because of shoplifting. This loss has eventually resulted in closing of the business altogether in some cases. To increase your revenue and keep a watchful eye on shoplifters, more and more business owners are investing money in checkpoint systems which offer an unparalleled security system to showrooms, bars and other retail facilities.

Security in Lounges and Nightclubs

Several bars and lounges offer Bottle Service to their customers. Customers love these services since it doesn’t require them to get in queues to enter a popular lounge. The lounge will usually sell one full bottle of liquor for a customer and his/her group along with a wide range of mixers which will be provided to them. When people ask for Bottle Service, they are just paying for the service that is offered by a dedicated waiter/waitress to serve you the drinks and not for the bottle of alcohol. Because of this, no matter how expensive the bottle of liquor is, you are not allowed to take the leftovers home. Some people try to take it away thinking that they paid for the liquor. To prevent that from happening, bar owners tend to replace the bottle’s cap with a specialized security key which will trigger an alarm when the bottle leaves the lounge.

Reliable Employees

In addition to improving your security methods, it is also important to hire people hat you count on to do a good job. Employees have to stick to ethical practices if you want to run a stable business. Hiring several people on basis of their qualification and experience alone does not guarantee you loyal and honest employees. If you want to make sure you have selected the right people to do the job, it is important to do a Pre-Employment Screening based on several factors.

Employee Screening

Though you can prepare your own set of questions for the Pre-Employment Screening process and assess a person according to that, most of the employers don’t always get it right. To do the background screening properly and ensure that you get the right employees for the job, it is advisable to get the help of a firm that is experienced and well-qualified to conduct background checks of employees.

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