Large Format Printing – What Is It And Why Should You Use It?

Large format printing has been used by companies for many years. This type of print service is used for posters, banners, window displays and so much more. Enabling companies to print larger items that make a statement.

The advantage these days is that you can use your own in-house designer and email or drop the file off at the print shop or you can use one of the print shops designers to create your poster or banner. With the latest technology in printers, these items are finished to the highest standard with a crisp and clear finish that is guaranteed to make a statement.

This type of option comes with a host of advantages as long as you choose a print shop that has years of experience, a good reputation and a reliable service. This is easy to determine whether you are visiting the store directly or purchasing online.

Do some research into the print shop before you place your order. It’s always a good idea to choose a few print shops, giving you the ability to compare services and prices before making any final decisions.

The first advantage to large format printing is the turnaround times. This type of project can usually be completed within the shortest period of time, making it ideal when you realise you need something to stand out at a conference you are talking at or a display show you are attending. Because of the technology used, once the item is designed, it can be printed within hours, ideal for those urgent jobs where you want your name to stand out.

The next advantage is the cost. Large format printing isn’t as expensive as you may have anticipated, making it the perfect marketing tool for your offline marketing campaigns. When working with marketing you usually have a set budget to work to, you want to make the most of this budget, enabling you to reach your audience whether you are putting up posters, creating a window display or making a banner to stand out at a conference. This is a solution that is fast and cost effective, helping you promote the company while staying within your budget.

Large format printing helps companies with brand visibility, this type of print service ensures you get noticed whether you’re speaking at an event and want your company name behind you or you’re creating a window display for all your customers to use in their shop fronts. People notice this type of marketing, it helps them not only notice your company name, but remember it.

The aim to any marketing effort is to ensure you achieve awareness. You want to reach your audience, stick in their minds and then sell your products or services to them. With large format printing you ensure you get noticed without breaking the bank, a name that stays with them so when they think of a product, they automatically think of your company. It’s an easy solution to improving visibility and awareness in a creative and innovative way.

Large format printing enables businesses to make a statement. Because of the size and nature of the material, it is easily noticed, helping them dominate their industry whether they’re at a show, a conference or just looking to market themselves to the local audience.

Because this type of print project comes in such a wide range of options, it enables businesses to choose the option they feel will be the best match for their business, whether it’s a pop up banner, a large PVC banner for outdoors or a poster to place in windows throughout the area.

Data Colour is a Melbourne based print shop with over twenty years’ experience in the industry. The company offers black, white and colour digital and offset printing services using the latest technology and printing equipment. Data Colour offer environmentally friendly printing services at competitive prices for long and short print runs. They offer everything from the design stages through to the final product on business cards, menus, leaflets, brochures, posters, booklets, manuals and more. The company is focussed on attention to detail and high quality, ensuring each job is completed to the customer’s satisfaction

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