Lauding Those That Are Better Off

This morning I shot off an email to the staff at Stansberry Radio to thank them for their new series of podcasts. And that email got me to thinking about how I feel with regards to folks like Porter, Peter Schiff, Jim Sinclair, Eric Sprott, Mike Maloney, Rick Rule, Gerald Celente and James Turk.

It got me thinking about how I would NEVER be able to sit one on one with any of them and ask questions. I’m not about to be invited to dinner or brought into a conference call or sent an email looking for my advice.

And whether you agree with them or not isn’t the issue. The issue is the value and premium of their time and wisdom, access to which we can agree is severely limited by various factors.

They walk, talk and move in circles I probably won’t ever enter. There’s a good chance that my children never will either or even their children. And yet, due to the mechanisms of technology that I don’t comprehend, on a daily basis, on a timetable I set, I’m able to “sit at the feet” of some of the worlds’ most knowledgable.

Without leaving my home or interrupting my schedule I can more detailed, unfiltered, unregulated insight and gleanings from people with whom I would most likely never bump into or even have a scheduled meeting with.

Everyday titans of various industries make available interviews, podcasts, newsletters, videos, etc. discussing their views of various markets, trends, politics, social events, economic policies, etc. and send them out to masses via the internet. Being on the receiving end, I get to choose which information, and just how much of it, I will allow pulled into my sphere of life.

When was the last time a billionaire or multimillionaire sat face to face with you and discussed anything? When was the last time you got to pick the brain of a market mover? Or someone whose made it to the top of their field? Most of us consider ourselves lucky to get five minutes with our department manager never mind filling our baskets with nuggets from some of the worlds’ renowned and most profitable CEO’s.

And, for the record, the 99% DO NOT speak for me. Let me make this clear: I abhor what the banking and financial system have done to our economy and now the global economy as well. I detest the destruction, impoverishment and division they have brought down upon our lives. No one will cry over their end.

But, those I referenced above and the many more just like them, too many in number to list here, fall into a different bracket. I don’t envy them, I admire them. I’m proud of them and their accomplishments. I may never be their equal, but, I damn sure don’t begrudge them what they have and where they risen to.

They inspire, motivate and provoke myself and others to look at what is attainable. They draw out the inner desires of success and victory that many aspire to daily. We love to see people win and be victorious and we’re willing to pay big money to see it every Sunday at our sports arenas.

So my hat is off to those that are willing to share via technological avenues their successes, accomplishments and insights. They increase my knowledge, stimulate my will and ultimately inspire me to become a better and more productive citizen.

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