Learn Storytelling to Grow Your Career

If you want people to buy into your idea it serves to structure your message in a story. One of the top skills of a Change Artist is to serve others through stories.

Being a great storyteller will make you more indispensable to those you serve

In A Whole New MindDaniel Pink suggests that being a great storyteller will help you become more indispensable in your career because our culture has now shifted from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age.

The Information Age valued the Left Hemisphere of the brain, the side that deals mostly with logic, language, math, structure, and rational thought. He notes that now in order to survive and thrive in today’s work culture you need to use the Right Hemisphere of the brain much more often, or a kind of thinking that involves creativity, playfulness, story, design and synthesis.

Stories can change people’s “frame of view”

According to Alan Deutschman’s article “Change or Die” in Fast Company Magazine, these are the latest findings in psychology and neuroscience. Stories can change a person’s “frame of view” much more powerfully than dry concepts.

Instead of fear-based facts told in conceptual form, offer people a compelling, positive vision for the future told in narrative form to open minds and motivate new behaviour. According to author Alan Deutschman in his book Change or Die,he says

why stories motivate and inspire people to action.

For example if you wanted to inspire people to quit smoking, studies show that tell them fear-based facts (how many people die per year

due to smoking related illnesses), try offering people a compelling, positive vision of the future told in narrative form (the story of

how a 2 pack a day smoker now enjoys a smoke free life).

Another example was a team leader who used to just scare people that the company would go bankrupt if sales didn’t improve. That just created panic and inertia. Then she told a story about a similar company that was also close to bankruptcy and what they did to get into the black again. She broke down exactly what they did and showed how they might do the same thing. That resulted in action which did indeed help turn the company around.

Why Right Brain dominant people will rule the future

Pink also says that the three forces at work in this shift from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age are Abundance, Asia, and Automation.

Abundance refers to the fact that people in North America now have an abundance of choice. There isn’t just one mp3 player, there are hundreds. There isn’t just one type of shampoo, there are thousands. The wide variety of choices now mean that many jobs will require someone to act as a highly creative matchmaker between the wide variety of choices and the needs of the individual end user of a product or service.

Asia refers to the fact that many of the logical, linear left brain jobs have now been outsourced to Asia.

Automation means that many tasks once done by humans are now done by technology. That means that what’s left for people here are jobs that can’t be outsourced or automated, which tend to be jobs involving the Right Hemisphere: design, synthesis, reframing, or jobs with a need for high emotional intelligence.

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