Leasing Safe Keeping Receipts – The Financing Alternative

Before you begin leasing safe keeping receipts, it is important that you understand what they are and what they are used for. A safe keeping receipt or SKR is an agreement between the owner and a bank or storage facility that becomes an alternate form of financing. Once the owner leaves the item(s) with the facility, the owner now longer is claiming responsibility for the item(s). The item(s) become collateral so that the owner can receive a loan. Many times, there will be fees added on to the loan amount. Overall, this is a way for those who cannot get conventional loans to receive money when they need it the most.

As you learn more about leasing SKR you will find that they can be offered for a wide variety of items. Anything from gold and furs to property and precious metals can be monetized with safe keeping receipts. Keep in mind that even though you received a loan of sort with receipt, you will be able to get your items back since the lender or issuer cannot be legally considered the owner. Your items will be returned to you at the moment you request them. Anyone from private business owners and individuals to large corporations can receive these receipts.

Before you take the steps in leasing these receipts you will need to make sure that the title of what you are asking to be put into safe keeping is clear and free. Also, make sure that the amount of the time the receipt is for is correct. In general, the SKR will not be issued for longer than a year and once the year is complete and the loan is paid back with the fees, you can then remove your item.

Now to leasing these receipts: In many cases, this is not a good option. This is because you do not want to allow anyone else other than yourself to have control over your item(s). However, if you do need to do this for one reason or another, you must keep a few things in mind. You will need to make sure that there is a contract signed by all involved so that you all know the guidelines of the lease. Also, you will mainly need to know the company or individual you are working with and that they can be trusted. No matter how you look at it, obtaining these receipts will provide you with financing you may not have gotten otherwise.

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