Lists of Angel Investors – What Do You Get?

Included within all lists of Angel Investors, there certain key pieces of information which should always be included within professional resources.  In addition to these key pieces of information are certain bonuses which are typically added to whole package or placed at a discounted price for purchasing the initial A.I. database.  The following article is a detailed description of what you should find within most professionally made database, directory or lists of angel investors.

Lists of angel investors are used by businesses and organizations seeking to raise capital and often include important details.  Professionally created and updated database resources incorporate the following information:

  • Name of the A.I. firm
  • Physical location of mailing address if different
  • Fax number
  • Internet website address
  • Key personnel contact within the organization
  • Key personnel’s personal e-mail address
  • Key Personnel’s office number
  • Key Personnel’s cell phone number
  • Description of the organization including previous business operations history and business practices.
  • Most importantly, the assets under management (A.U.M.)

The above bullet items are typically the normal details included within professional database or directory resources of Angel Investors.  However, most professional online database services will include materials and bonuses in addition to the purchased database.  One such example are bonuses such as free updates for your database package.  If you purchased access to a membership website service then these updates will be included within your normal access or once they become made available online.  However, if you purchased a physical copy such as a database based within an Excel spreadsheet, any additional updates which are included as benefits will be sent once the newest version get released.  Some websites even offer bonuses such as discounts towards database packages of 2 or more.  These bonuses are important factors to look for before you make the final decision to buy a list of Angel Investors.

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