Living Paycheck to Paycheck – How to Put Value Into Your Chump Change

Living paycheck to paycheck is not an easy way to live. Being broke and always thinking about the next day you are going to get paid can have a strong effect on your energy level, work drive, and attitude towards life in general. It is hard going to work when you feel like you are working for nothing. You already have your paycheck spent before the day you get it and all you are left with is chump change. What if you could try to put value into that chump change and make something out of it?

It seems to be a common trend for people who can not stretch their paycheck until the next pay period to not value the little money they have left over. You normally just spend your chump change on little things you really might not need like vending machines, a soda at the gas station, fast food, drinks at the bar etc. It kind of becomes a routine and you feel stuck in your constant rotation of living paycheck to paycheck. If you could find away to put value in that extra dollar. Then you may be surprised on how much money you can accumulate. How many times a week do you buy a drink at work or at a gas station that you never finish? Just imagine if you would have saved that dollar instead of just throwing it a way.

If you know that you are a person who spends the little money you have left over from your paycheck on little things you do not need. Then try to bust through your routine and save the little money you have left. If you are thinking about buying a drink or going to the bar with 20 dollars. Try to stop yourself. Take that money you were going to spend and put it in a jar. Do this for a month and count the money you have saved. Multiply that by twelve and figure out how much you are spending a year. I am sure you will notice on how that chump change has more value than it seems. If you do this, then do not over push yourself and try to cut out every little habit you have. You might overwhelm yourself and fall back in your same routines. Try to cut one habit at a time until you get used to it. Then work on the next. Set a plan. Save your loose change and invest it at the end of every year.

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