London Bullion Market Association Reports on Silver Prices for 2012

According to the reports by the panel of expert analysts at the London Bullion Market Association, the prices on silver will not rise up to a remarkable extend as expected the same in April 2012. However, gold will display its flares in 2012 because of ongoing precious metals price prediction competition. As statistics from the competition on the prices, gold appears to touch elation unlike its counterpart the white metal.

From the analysts’ forecasts, it is clear that the average silver price in 2012 was US$33.98, but it shored up to a height of $44.49 that was a consecutive predication representing a substantial 39% increase. This is a blueprint of the current silver price, which is around $32. If you take both of the metals in combination, you will see that the gold: silver ratio may fall a little from the current 52 to around 46, which is rated above the low point achieved in 2011 as well above the so-called historic ratio of 16:1.

As six out of 25 participants in the competition assume that the prices on silver will exceed $ 48.70 at some stage in 2012 taking for grand 28th April last year’s silver price rise. Some analysts believe a maximum $50 increase for the white metal as the rounded off figure for silver at the current moment. With their last year prediction, they were unfortunately wrong with their $10 below guess. Hence, they feel that it is very difficult to predict fate of silver.

The survey participants’ doubts on silver’s performance occur as a result of agitation about the global economic recovery and the proportion of silver demand, which depends on industrial usage. Some bullish forecasters say that the increasing industrial demand in the mid of the year provide sufficient boost to silver prices. Hence, it offers an edge to its counterpart, gold as well a strong witness of silver’s performance where both metals move forward at the same time.

The white metal appears to be more volatile metal than its counterpart, gold whereas the variation is enormously notable because of high and low over the prices. According to the forecast of the analyst participants, the average silver price may fall down $20 whereas the average low price will stay at $24.06, which is huge difference representing a difference between high and low of around 85%. Because of volatile nature of silver, it is referred the Devil’s metal and a point to note down that it is hard to predict about its altering prices.

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