Looking To Start Making More Money! But Don’t Know Where To Begin?

I knew I needed to start making more money… bills were piling up and my finances were not stable. This is a position many of us are finding ourselves in. The problem is the old adage about ‘spending money to make money’ is never far from ones thoughts when you don’t have any. We tell ourselves the like all the time and finding a way to get your foot on the bottom rung of the ladder seems an insurmountable task, let alone seeing ourselves one day being at the top of it.

Well people this isn’t how you become successful and you’ll never know what could be until you really try. So the way I see it is if I can live on next to nothing now, I can live on a bit less without too much discomfort or adjustment to my life.

It’s all about small reductions – if you hit the bars or pub every weekend – try going twice a month for a while instead.Invite friends round for a bring a bottle party occasionally instead of buying round after expensive round in town.

Find an inexpensive hobby you can replace expensive habits with. Better yet find a hobby you can make a bit of extra cash with like DIY, jewellery making, photography and art, dress making and knitting and other such things.

Quit the gym and do sit ups and press ups at home. Walk or cycle to work if your able. Do whatever you need to do to get a few pennies saved up.

That’s step one, getting a few extra coins to play with. Step two is changing your mindset about risk. We are all so afraid to risk what we have, when most of us spend so much time talking and thinking about how little it is we have anyway. I choose to see this as having nothing to lose, which is liberating and motivating after all how are you going to win if you don’t play the game? And having nothing to lose means there’s everything to gain. But if you struggle to look at it this way know:

“In the long run, we get no more than we have been willing to risk giving”

So once you have your few pennies (and I mean a few, there are opportunities out there that will cost you no more than a few pounds or dollars), and you’ve steeled your nerve and decided to take a small amount of risk onboard, where do you start looking for ways to make your money work for you?

The obvious answer is investing. I know this idea will scare the pants off many of you, but remember we ‘know fortune favours the brave’ and we have nothing to lose so stay with me.

It’s not quite as scary as it seems.

As I said there are numerous ideas and opportunities that you can get involved with starting with investments of only a few dollars or pounds and a little bit of time. This is already less than you spend on a months gym membership or on a night out. These sorts of opportunities will take longer to see any significant return on but the sooner you start the sooner the pennies start to add up in your bank account.

If this still leaves you feeling a little unsure there is tonnes of advice for free out there as well as a number of genuine entrepreneurs who are simply looking to share tips and advice.

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