Loyalty Is Earned, Not Expected

As a business owner, in terms of the revenue generating side of your business, one of your goals is to have a steady stream of client’s, right?

Of course it is, or you would simply have a hobby.

So it’s safe to say that you want clients, you want a steady stream of clients, and you’d like them to be repeat clients who send you more referrals.

That’s the common goal of just about every business owner I know.

You may have heard that it’s easier to retain current clients, and receive referrals from them, than it is to get new clients. And I can tell you from experience that this is absolutely true.

So how do you make this happen?

You must EARN their trust and gain their loyalty.

When you think of the word loyalty, you probably envision a dog, I know I do. Our furry companions are loyal by nature; they just love us no matter what and we can pretty much count on that.

But people on the other hand, especially your potential and current clients, want to have some assurance that you are going to be loyal to them and support them in their endeavor for which they are seeking your service or product BEFORE they offer the same to you.

Loyalty follows trust so you must first earn your prospective clients trust in exchange for their loyalty.

Your loyal canine companion trusts that you are going to come home, walk them, feed them, etc. so in return they are loyally waiting for you to drive up, walk in that door and give them what they need.

In order to gain that kind of trust and loyalty from your client it’s essential that you understand that your client wants to feel assured that you consistently provide a valuable service and deliver a good product and that you stand behind what you do and what you offer.

When you consistently demonstrate that you are giving them what they want and need, they will begin to trust you and then as a result, loyalty will follow that trust.

The combination of these two will guarantee clients, and referrals, for life.

Here are 10 tips to help you gain the trust and loyalty from your clients:

1. Know your “why” and clearly share that message 
2. Know what your clients want and deliver it to them 
3. Treat every client as your best client 
4. Go above and beyond for every client 
5. Be fully present for each client 
6. Do what’s in the best interest of your client 
7. Ask for feedback 
8. Handle complaints and concerns gracefully 
9. Be grateful for your clients and sincerely thank them 
10. Feel truly honored to have your client

It takes time to build trust and to gain a loyal following so be patient with the process and always remind yourself that as in any relationship, the relationship you are building with your clients requires that you nurture it and be consistent with your communication.

Taking the time to earn your client’s trust and gain their loyalty will be well worth your efforts, and one of the biggest benefits of a loyal client following is that they will become your biggest advertisers and promoters of your business.

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