Making the Most of Promotional Pens

Promotional pens might be cheap when you buy them in bulk, but that does not mean that you can afford to waste money on them. Incorrectly designing your marketing products and designs makes them useless and you might as well throw money away if your designs are poor. Promotional pens might seem like a simple form of marketing and advertising but that does not mean that they should be neglected in the design faze. You might not be spending much money on them, but they are just as important as all you other marketing campaigns. Spend time thinking about the design and you are likely to get much better value for money.

Promotional pens should be given out to anyone who you identify as a potential customer as well as existing ones. That being said, you might want to consider offering a higher quality pen to your existing customers to show how highly you value their custom. Low cost promotional pens with your company name on are more suited to trying to lure in customers as these are simply intended to make people remember your company name. In order to make them remember your company name, you should think carefully about the pen itself.

First thing to consider is the design of the pen itself. Selecting one which is quirky in its design might make someone become more attached to your pen and make them retain the item with your company name on it. However one of the advantages about a pen being more forgettable as such is that it is likely to get passed around a greater audience. A recent survey found that the average pen has eight owners its lifetime. This means that eight different people could end up seeing your brand. However in order for this to happen, the original user needs to pass it on to someone else. If it is too ‘likeable’ they might not do this. You should consider the objectives of the promotional pens.

The second thing to consider is what information to include upon it. First of all you must, of course, include the brand name and logo on the pen. This is particularly important if your logo is aesthetically good and if so you might want to consider making it more prominent. Secondly you need to include a ‘hook’ which allows the pen user to find out more about your company. Many companies put their office phone number, but this does not really add much value. People are rarely going to ring your head office if it is simply a speculative attempt to find out more information so adding a phone number could well be useless. Instead consider putting the company website as this allows the potential customer to explore your company at their own leisure and find out more about what you have to offer. Your website also has much more content and information than someone on the end of the phone will have.

The final thing is to consider how you distribute the promotional pens. Do not end up simply giving them out to friends and family. Pens have the potential to be great marketing material but only if they are designed and distributed correctly. Do not waste your money by neglecting such a crucial part of any campaign.

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