20-Year-Old Who Had MDMA Shipped to His Friends’ Houses Charged

20-Year-Old Who Had MDMA Shipped to His Friends’ Houses Charged

Another young man has been arrested on charges of conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, and attempted delivery of ecstasy. The suspect allegedly ordered the MDMA from a dark web marketplace vendor and had it shipped to his friends’ houses. And like all drug dealers he went out and sold on the street for higher prices. He made a good amount of money selling at the University.

The case against the accused started over the summer. Authorities were investigating a package containing less than half a kilo of MDMA. Unfortunately for the packing job, the screening process was not fooled by drugs inside an empty DVD case. The intercepted package was to be delivered to the apartment of the suspect’s friend. The federal agents then charged local authorities with the task of tracking the owner of the package leading to the arrest of the 20-year-old man. On being arrested it was recorded that he admitted to having ordered the MDMA from a vendor based in the Netherlands through a dark web marketplace.

According to court documents the young man lived with his parents in a house located in a drug-free zone and as such would not risk having the drugs shipped to his own home. He, therefore, asked four of his friends to help. They each volunteered to assist in receiving a package on behalf of the suspect. They were each paid for accepting to receive the packages on his behalf.

The suspect told the police that he bought all of the MDMA online. It cost him more than $1,500. His goal was to resell it to another student for double the price. He admitted to selling it for that amount, almost $3,000. He told the authorities that he had managed to sell off more than two kilograms of MDMA. According to one of the detectives investigating the case the suspect is considered the largest MDMA dealer to be caught in over three years at Kitsap County.

Normally Customs and Border Patrol scans all international packages before they are mailed to their owners to seize packages with an illegal substance. Packages from countries such as the Netherlands normally receive high-level scrutiny as most drug buyers order their drugs from vendors based there.

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