Man Used Stolen Credentials to Get $40,000 Worth of Dental Work

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According to a police statement by the Volusia County Sherriff’s office, a 52-year-old Florida man was arrested after he used stolen credentials purchased from the dark web to acquire dental implants valued at $40,000. The statement further indicates that the man also bought a puppy at $10,000 using the same credentials after getting the dental work.

According to the police, Timothy Powell used the credentials of 80-year-old Harry Brenner who is diagnosed with dementia. The police disclosed that Powell used Brenner’s credentials to apply for a credit card on the 1st of August. Powell allegedly used a counterfeit driver’s license that had Brenner’s name on it and Brenner’s social security number to apply for the credit card which was approved without any follow-up. After acquiring the credit card, Powell went ahead and got himself the dental implants in three separate sessions between the 2nd and 9th of August. The dental implants cost amounted to $41,154.

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Days after the dental work, two bills were sent to the victim’s residence from a South Florida dental clinic by mail. The bills brought Powell’s fraudulent activities to the victim’s caretaker’s attention who in turn reported the matter to the sheriff’s office.

The police decided to initiate an investigation into the case by visiting the dental clinic. The police disclosed that on visiting the dental clinic, they acquired Powell’s fingerprints from the paperwork that he had left behind after filing applications for the dental work. On acquiring the fingerprints, the investigators used them to obtain Powell’s image, making their search for him much easier. The police also received a photograph of Powell before he had acquired the dental implants, the picture showed that he had rotten teeth while others were missing entirely.

On being arrested, Powell disclosed to the deputies that the victim’s credentials had been purchased from the dark web. He then told the police that he was asked to acquire the dental work by a fraudster who had recruited him; he said that he knew the fraudster by the name Rico. Powell was led to believe that the new dental work would give him a better appearance that would make him go through with other upcoming fraudulent purchases more smoothly. Powell told the police that Rico made sure he got the implants by driving him to the clinic for all the sessions.

The deputies also disclosed that Powell used Brenner’s credentials to purchase a French Bulldog for $10,000 after receiving the dental implants. Powell is also accused of using stolen credentials to withdraw funds from some banks in Volusia County. In one of the withdrawals, Powell withdrew $9,650 from a Daytona Beach bank using the credentials of one Larry Gene Kelly. The credit card companies that Powell defrauded have pledged to sue him as a way of trying to recover the losses incurred.

Brenner’s brother, Jake Brenner, expressed his gratitude to the deputies who arrested Powell. Brenner also expressed his surprise, as he had not witnessed any other similar case and did not expect the police to succeed in the investigation as fast as they did. Brenner had learned of the case from his niece just a week before Powell’s arrest. The police are still in search of Rico whom they believe is responsible for acquiring credentials from the dark web and using desperate people like Powell to carry out fraudulent purchases on his behalf.

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