Navigating The Used Office Furniture Market

If you’re in the market for buying office furniture, why not consider buying pre-owned? Used office furniture not only saves money, but is also environmentally sound. As sellers become more savvy to market demands, the risk of being duped into buying a poor quality piece of used office furniture is substantially lower than in the past. It’s important to understand the jargon of used office furniture shopping if you want to find a nice deal.


Recycled is a sort of blanket term that refers to any item that has made its way back into the market. It is basically the same thing as referring to an item as “used.”


This word refers to furniture that has been restored to its original condition. Buying re-manufactured is the closest thing you can get to buying new without paying new furniture costs. Typically, you can choose the colors, the surface, and the fabric. Most companies treat these items with particular care. Items advertised as “re-made” or “like new” are probably more appropriately classified as re-manufactured items. Your dealer might even offer you a warranty package close to the original.


Refurbished means that the item in question has not gone through the extensive process of renewal, but instead has been cleaned, repainted, and repaired using clean or new fabrics. If you’re looking for something that looks good and are not worried about branding, then this might be a good choice to go with. Keep in mind the differences between items advertised as “refurbished” and “like new,” and don’t hesitate to ask your salesperson questions if you’re unsure. The line between re-manufactured and refurbished is very slim, so always double-check before buying.


Reused simply means that the furniture has not been altered or repaired. These items, such as antiques, are typically sold “as is” or “used,” and warranties (if any) may be strictly limited. The best part, however, is that reused items can be substantially less expensive than items that have been worked on by a professional. This is what makes them the most popular type of furniture for prudent business owners.

Make sure to do a little comparison shopping before making a final purchase. Just because something is used doesn’t mean it’s being sold at the best price. Also make sure to always check for warranty offerings and research the reputation of the dealer before making a decision. With these easy tips in mind, it should be simple to find the perfect used furniture for your business.

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