New Economy

The new economy is coming sooner than later.

I am not predicting the end of the world but an end to the American dollar domination.

I have been very disappointed in the returns on my investments and after much reflection I have come to the following conclusion. After following the stories on the gloomy economic markets I believe there will be a currency crisis followed by a shift in wealth. Naturally I want my family and myself to be on the winning side. Here is my prediction on what will happen to the world economy in the next few months.

Global currency reserves have been invested in the United States dollar and about 24% in euro.

The European Central Bank’s insistence on budget-tightening in a recession is forcing Italy’s finances into a deadly spiral and Greece will eventually default on their loans along with Portugal and the rest of the 17-nation euro area. The countries simply can’t continue spending and borrowing without the means of repaying their debts. Slow recovery is based on growth of the economy but the opposite seems to be on the horizon. After the ruin of the Euro many will flee to the United States dollar currency which will bring up the value of the Greenback temporarily.

The United States will have little growth and the Federal Reserve will continue to print the US dollars until it will become almost worthless because of their massive debt. The American house of cards will collapse therefore creating devaluation of the mighty dollar and create massive world economic inflation. The nations worldwide have been living beyond their means for too long and throwing more money towards bankrupt countries will cause total economic collapse.

The medium of exchange has already begun and will shift to precious metals.

Gold will become the new monetary standard and precious metals like silver and gold will increase dramatically in value. Oil and natural gas prices will increase substantially. I still believe in a well planned personal managed real estate investment but would stay away from property investment schemes.

I hope the knowledge I shared with you can be beneficial in your future investment opportunities. Each individual must adapt and correct his or her personal financial situation towards success. You are the only one who can make the right decisions for yourself. The more informed we are the better chance for making the right investments.

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