NRI Can Enjoy Investment Opportunities in His Hometown

• Certificate of deposit, PSE 
• Insurance 
• Mutual funds, shares and debentures 
• Pension plan 
• Tax saving funds

If you are looking out for various ways to invest as a non resident Indian, then you must read this article. There are certificate of deposits, insurance, pension plan, mutual funds, shares, debentures and tax saving funds. Understand each one of these and see how you can enjoy tax free liabilities as an NRI.

Certificate of deposit is a time based deposit and acts as a savings deposit. It is held for a specific time frame such as six months to five years. It has a fixed interest rate depending upon the lock in period. Do not withdraw funds before its maturity period, you may incur a loss. A portion of your interest rate would be deducted from your Certificate of deposit amount.

NRIs can consider investing in insurance which will allow them to protect their family members while enjoying a tax-free income. Allay any tension of hospitalization expenses and enjoy a cashless hospitalization with a comprehensive insurance plan. They can invest in Indian shares and debentures so that they can earn better profits. Care should be taken to understand the company’s standing in the Indian stock market so that their money is not at risk. Similar market fluctuations apply to mutual funds as well. Remember that it is subject to market risk and you must take adequate care before investing in it.

Tax saving funds, government certifications and pension plans offer you interest rate besides helping you enjoy tax exemption on your income. Make the best use of investment opportunities open to you.

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