NRI Investment Interests

Due to the relaxations and reforms declared by the government of India in recent times, it has become a thing of great interest for investors outside India or the NRIs to invest in India. There are many other things to the benefit of the investors. These include the up going of the Indian Stock market, the consistent growth of the Indian Economy, Real Estate India and its ongoing developments. All of these fields have special sections for NRIs and for people the Indian origin. Thus, they never lose their opportunity and take every benefit of their origin.

In addition to these sections the Reserve bank of India has also given permission to investors for investing in units of UTI and also in government securities. They can directly invest in these through the authorised dealers. However, they would not be allowed to certifications such as bearer securities but can only invest in securities of national savings.

For an NRI, it may be necessary to invest in India, because they have a family here and investment here would provide them with a source of income. Some others might wish to gather up Indian currency and assets, for need when they plan to repatriate or relocate back to his motherland. For some others, it might be just a wish after being attracted by the mammoth hike in the prices of real estate of India. This can be a source of some quick cash to them.

Some NRIs are also willing to invest in Real Estate Mutual Funds (REMF) as well as in mutual funds. Thus, they can make some Indian currency through this, or make it a source for their family’s monthly income.

Also due to the recent gleam in the Indian stocks and shares, the interest in investing has increased among the NRIs. They are therefore boosted to invest in PSEs and other such Indian Companies. Thus, in an indirect manner, it has also helped in the rapid growth of the Indian Economy. To add to the happiness of the NRIs, the dividends gained by them through these investments, are also made accessible to them through their Non resident ordinary Account or through the foreign currency non-resident account.

The investments however, do not come without considerable risks. It is therefore absolutely necessary to get a through knowledge about all the details of the industry from beforehand. Be it shares or mutual funds, in which ever industry the NRI wishes to invest, he must first check the stability and the liability, to save himself from losses and also from any kind of fraudulent activities.

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