NRI Investment – Make a Wise Move!

More and more non resident Indians are encouraged to invest in Indian stocks, Real Estate India etc. Their need for investment may be for a secured future of their child, for their parents at home, life insurance etc. Or it can be purely for the reason of making profits by investing in real estate. Real estate is a big boom in India and people are finding it lucrative to have their money in there.

This move has boosted the Indian economy and has served the NRIs parents, a source of income. Even the government is encouraging non resident Indians to pump money like never before. IT professionals, paramedical staff and medical staff are allured to overseas jobs and this is bringing in revenue to our own country, which is a good sign for Indian economy.

As an NRI, you can invest in Indian shares, debentures, real estate, insurance policies. Apart from this, banks also offer deposit schemes such as company deposits, bank deposits, certificate deposits etc, provided you hold an account with them. Some may offer you zero balance bank accounts too. If you prefer investing in mutual funds in your home town, you are free to do so.

These can be domestic private and public sector mutual funds that you can reach out to. Foreign exchange brought in from abroad is encouraged this way. You can conveniently carry out direct investments in Indian companies and reap the profits staying abroad. You have access to your accounts and can make withdrawals any time.

The country will in turn get benefited by the capital contribution coming in through these NRI funds. Consider all kinds of investment and make the right move!

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