NRI Investments – Profitable Business

Invest in India and reap big. Investing in mutual funds and stock market are considered lucrative. The same holds good for the real estate industry too. Take prudence while investing in mutual funds, shares and debentures as they are subject to market risks.

You can also consider investing in bank CDs and fixed deposits. Certificate of Deposit offers good interest rate if you have the deposit amount for a longer time. Do not withdraw funds prematurely as you would face a penalty. Open up an FCNR account to start a new certificate of deposit. These accounts are held for a period of 12 months to 3 years. Investing in shares and funds involve risks, therefore be careful about the company you choose to invest in.

Bank accounts can be opened in five major foreign currencies Pound Sterling, US dollar, Deutsche mark, Japanese Yen and Euro. For all your investments as an NRI, you must have an FCNR, NRE or NRI account. Your bank account can be held for a period of 12 months to 3 years. Open up a zero balance account or have 10,000 as minimum amount.

Get a better appreciation value by investing in real estate and mutual funds. NRIs are encouraged to invest in Indian companies so that there is a huge flow of income. India has emerged victorious in the mutual fund market in comparison to other Asian countries.

FCNR account and Non Residential external accounts are held on repatriation basis. You can easily transfer your money abroad and enjoy profits earned through mutual fund, Certificate of deposits, shares, debentures, rent.

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