Offerings of Global Business Centers

If you wish to initiate a business of your own, all you need to do is have an excellent strategy and satisfactory wealth of resources to handle your daily office processes. However, to stay ahead of your competitors it is important to keep the outlays down to as low as possible and maintain a specialized presence in the market. This is where the best business centers come into depiction.

BPOs offer shared and fully-managed facilities with a complete commercial setup for small sized and medium sized businesses. Customers have the choice to pick from an extensive range of professional services as per their exact requirement of office space and infrastructure.

Business hubs offer a variety of office space options and business specific solutions, some of them are listed below:


Instant office

From expandable cubicles to custom-made work stations, these centers offer Plug & Play office set ups that has everything required to give a kick-start to your business.

  • Individual office: Facility and flair to kudos a start-up.
  • Dual office: Intended to meet the joint and individual needs of an office and its employees.
  • Team office: Each employee has their own space and still can work with the rest of the group efficiently and productively.

Virtual office

Ever visualized how simple it would be to maintain an office without actually bearing the huge infrastructural costs involved in it? It is like operating an office on your own terms within a limited budget. This type of strategy is ideal for people who do not require a private office space but, need an impressive office address along with adequate facilities. It is like having a workplace minus heavily paying for it.

You can use your service provider’s address on your calling card, meet clients in an elegant corporate environment and do a lot more. You only have to pay for the services you use and rest all is complimentary.

Support services

You have access to a variety of support services which helps you backup, maintain and optimize the operations. You can choose the type and volume of services required and it will save you a lot of money than doing it in-house. Some other services offered by BPOs are:

  • Corporate lounge
  • Front office
  • Administrative support
  • Office utilities, supplies & stationary
  • Internet & IT support
  • Security
  • Safe deposit locker


  • Manpower: A vast work place of educated and tech-savvy professionals.
  • Tech support: High-end technical support with experts.
  • Savings: Initial cost of establishing a business is quite high and outsourcing saves a lot of internal resources.

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