One Year Investment Bonds – A Secure Fortune Worth Taking

One year investment bonds can be used to produce a long term capital growth or to generate an income. These bonds are a good way of saving money because they have a fixed rate annually, and the access can be restricted for that period. Before I think of buying the bond, the first thing I would consider is security and whether I can be paid off the bond before maturity date.

Money grows and good returns are produced at the end of the year. To get the investment bond I must pay a minimum deposit and a fixed rate for one year. There is guaranteed returns and the interest is paid annually or monthly. In case I get an emergency, the bank can lend me some of the money although I will have to pay a small charge fee. The money is secure since it is protected and managed by professional investment managers. When compared with stock, the bond does not get much press thus, a better alternative method of investing. If I buy the bonds from the government or municipal bonds, I will enjoy the tax benefits that are quite attractive. It easy to get these investment bonds in the banks or over the internet, and they are commission free.

The best thing is to buy and hold on the bond investment until it matures because I will get paid exactly what I expected. One year investment bonds are safe and highly predictable. I would prefer to buy the bond directly from the government because if I buy through a broker I must pay a commission fee.

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