One24 – Replacing Social Security

One24 is an MLM, or multi level marketing opportunity which millions of Americans are hearing about. So what is so special about this new company, which was born in 2010? Well, first of all, it’s essential to understand why Americans are now flocking to alternatives to social security, because that is what’s happening. There are also thousands upon thousands of Americans who have lost faith in the stock market, after seeing their savings account dwindle down to virtually nothing. So many Americans have lost faith in the long established retirement vehicles and are looking for alternatives.

It’s not shocking to learn that Social Security is all but gone. The fund has already been spent and the money that is currently being paid out is coming from taxes on the current population. The Baby Boomers are getting older and young people today are being asked to work hard and pay more taxes to support the older generation. S.S. has become so troubled, that current recipients have been denied a cost of living increase for two consecutive years, and next years economic forecast is being touted as possibly the worst since the great depression.

So what does this have to do with One24 and MLM. Well, millions of Americans are beginning to search for alternatives to the current retirement vehicles of social security and the financially devastated 401K plans. One24 is a legitimate company with a legitimate product, and the business opportunity is such that for a small monthly investment of $60, an individual has the potential of building a healthy retirement account within just 2 years. In a very real sense, this company may offer a bailout for all those people who will never see social security and have lost faith in 401K plans.

One24 is an opportunity, not a savings account, and thus, it’s not subject to simple interest rates for growth. The One24 Matrix is not complex, and in fact it’s a single line downline, which is based on everybody purchasing a nutritional product, called Nutraburst. This Superfood appears to be of extreme quality, and in many respects is a bonus for joining the One24 opportunity plan. Not everybody will be attracted to an MLM or One24 as possible alternatives to social security or 401K plans, but with the sad state of the economy, many individuals are thinking outside the box. And for a small investment of $60 monthly, lots of people may consider this to be a better investment than a 401K plan. Regardless, begin your planning now for the future. It’s not to late to begin to learn about investing alternatives like MLM or internet marketing, because the internet is not going anywhere: In fact, it’s EVERYWHERE.

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