Online NRI Investment – For Better Returns!

Non resident Indians can breathe a sigh of relief as Reserve bank of India allows them to invest in their home town. They are free to invest in PSEs and Indian company shares. One must remember that the holding of a single non resident Indian should not exceed even 1% of the PSEs paid up capital. The dividends will be saved in his FCNR or NRE accounts. He is free to withdraw it when ever he wants it. But, they should be investing on repatriation basis.

Portfolio investments

Debentures of Indian companies

National savings certificate

Portfolio investments are the shares and debentures. You are free to roll out your money in stock exchange, this can be either on repatriation or non repatriation basis. Your next best option is the mutual funds. These may be both public as well as private sector undertakings. These companies which sell their mutual funds to NRIs must have permission from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to do so. With an FCNR account, you are allowed to make transactions in euro, pound sterling, US dollar and Japanese yen. You can hold these accounts for a period of 12 months to three years.

Real estate is a big boom in India and more and more investors are finding it a lucrative deal as the returns on it is higher and is produced at less cost. Some may invest in property, home or flats. If you are of 21 years of age, and have a valid passport with a graduation degree you can seek for financial assistance from banks to make your investments in real estate.

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