Pallet Racking Systems And Its Types

Pallet racking systems are meant to increase the amount of storage space you have in your warehouse. Below are some of the types of pallet racking system you can choose from:

Selective – This type of pallet racking is the most commonly used system in various warehouses. It is usually the most cost-effective racking system. Also, it allows the user direct access to all products. Moreover, it can easily be installed.

Double Deep Racking – this is similar to selective racking in terms of style. Basically, it consists of 2 rows of selective racking one row behind the other. It will allow pallets to be stored two deep. The racks are indeed designed in a way that even it is 2 deep; they are still accessible from the aisles.

Drive-in – This is designed for maximum use of floor space. It is very similar in principle to block stacking with the exception that the product isn’t stored above the pallet.

Narrow Aisle – This is selective racking with much narrower aisles. This type of racking is very beneficial for warehouses that operate with man-down or man-up lift trucks that can easily be navigated through the narrow aisle. This is considered a great way to maximize the amount of space that you currently have inside your warehouse. Furthermore, they can make the most of the vertical space that you have to work with.

Carton Flow – These are bed of rollers which are installed in double entry selective racking. The bed makes use of a series of wheel trays that are specially designed to easily as well as efficiently move stock. This type of racking is commonly used by businesses that will need stock to be hand-loaded, picked and sorted by several warehouse workers. All the aspects of the roller trays can actually be customized in order to suit your specific needs.

Cantilever racking – This is used for predominately storing long products such as steel rods, lengths of timber, plastic piping and the like. This type of racking is consists of a series of columns with arms protruding designed specifically for long products. It is made exactly to suit your requirements which will definitely increase the amount of storage space that you currently have.

Heavy Duty – This type is specifically designed to hold and store heavy duty items like huge pieces of steel. It can also accommodate wide loads.

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