Personal Wealth Management – 3 Top Ways to Increase Your Investment Wealth

Increasing your investment wealth is actually pretty simple once you find and work with a system that will tell you exactly what to do. You don’t have to worry about personal wealth management taking a lot of time away from your career, your family or even your leisure activities, and while there are always risks involved in investing you can decrease those risks substantially by following the advice of solid mentors who have already been there, done that, and most importantly; succeeded.

The personal wealth management system I use, for example, allows me to build my investment wealth, show others on how they can duplicate my success, and still have plenty for time career, family and leisure activities, It really is that simple.

With that in mind, here are 3 top ways to increase the value of your own investment wealth:

1. Don’t necessarily trust the financial services industry to give you advice. At the very least get second and third opinions. Read and listen to other than what main street and Wall Street are reporting to you. What is being given to you is what the media and Wall Street want you to hear, but it certainly is not nearly the entire truth.

The only wealth the people at the top of this industry care about is their own. They have caused a worldwide recession and proven that they are willing to lie and maybe even commit fraud to protect their own wealth at the cost of ours.

2. When it comes to building your wealth, I suggest a combination of investment opportunities including very specific stocks, foreign currency, precious metals, and very specific ETFs.

Become a student of history and cycles. Read about the trends that are happening around us both here in the United States and abroad. Look at what is happening to the dollar. Our world and economic trends are the directors of where you should consider placing your investments. As the trends change so should your investments.

3. Always, always diversify your portfolio! I don’t care how great a specific investment opportunity looks – all investments carry risks, and putting all of your wealth into just one or two baskets is a great way to learn the hard way about what those risks can cost.

By following the three tips above and finding solid a personal wealth management system you can enjoy healthy investment wealth that will give you an income, retirement and lifestyle independent of what the mainstream economic outlook is of the day.

Jen Gilbert is a former medical sales consultant. When the market crashed in 2008-2009 and like so many other people lost over 50% of her investment wealth, she became a student of wealth strategies, wealth tactics and wealth accumulation. Jen took it upon herself to get the financial education that she could rely on, no matter what was happening with the economy, the market or world trends. Now she educates individuals on how they can do exactly the same…create lasting financial independence so they are less reliant on the vagaries of the government and the economy.

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