Pest Control Service Rid Your Home of Unwelcome Guests

People have a variety of reactions to seeing a bug inside of their house. Some people see a roach, scream and run away. Others might go the rest of the day feeling as though there is something crawling on their skin. Regardless of their reaction, most people agree that they do not want to share their home with nasty bugs. Contacting a pest control company is the first step in ridding your home of the invaders.

A pest control company will send someone to your house to evaluate the problem. The exterminator will take a look at the areas where you see bugs. He or she will also go into crawl spaces, check your walls and look at other places where insects or rodents can hide. Additionally, the exterminator will also look for signs such as droppings or shedding to determine what insects have infiltrated your home.

Based on the findings of the inspection, the exterminator will make recommendations on how to eliminate these intruders. Spraying pest control agents, setting up traps or tenting the structure to gas critters are the most common options. The method used will depend on the type of bug, the extent of the infestation and how far they’ve spread into your house.

Some homeowners might want to try eliminating an infestation on their own before consulting with a pest control company. Although there are a number of insect sprays available at home improvement stores, exterminators advise that these are only temporary solutions. Professionals also often find that their customers do not use commercial chemicals, traps and baits effectively.

Conversely, professional exterminators are trained to identify insects in various stages of its life. They also know where the insects hide, how frequently they reproduce and where to find their nests. As a result, they know which chemicals will be effective, where to use them and how they should be applied.

In addition to having your house serviced regularly by a pest control company, there are a number of things you should do to keep insects at bay. Insects may be sneaking in through cracks or gaps around the exterior of your home. A professional exterminator can walk through your house and identify places through which bugs are sneaking inside and make recommendations about sealing those areas. He or she may advise keeping your garage door closed or repairing broken window screens.

Other precautionary measures include weather stripping the bottoms of doors, sealing holes or cracks in your home’s exterior, or fitting attic and foundation vents with hardware cloth. Additionally, pools of standing water around your house are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Check for places where water may have collected after it rains and also remember to change out the water in a birdbath every three days.

Work with your exterminator to get rid of the critters that plague your house. An effective regimen means no more running and hiding from roaches and other creepy crawlers.

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