Planning a Memorable Client Visit Requires Attention to Detail From Car Service to Entertainment

Entertaining clients is an important part of doing business. Deals seem to come together more easily over a game of golf, or cocktails after a show, when you make an effort to build a good relationship with patrons. Paying attention to detail while your buyer is a guest will show that you value the business relationship. Make sure that your client’s next trip is a memorable one by arranging for a comfortable stay, as well as unique entertainment options.

During your client’s stay, he or she is your guest, so you should make sure that they are comfortable while away from home. Set the tone for their stay immediately upon arrival by sending a car service to transport him or her from the airport to their hotel. In many cities, a car service can be more affordable than a taxi, and the vehicles are certainly more luxurious. A special treat waiting at the hotel, such as a variety of local snacks or beer, signals to your patron that you put some thought into their comfort.

You should also make arrangements for your client’s entertainment while he or she is in town. A game of golf may be a good option if your customer likes to play. However, there are many options beyond the links. Having a professional sommelier conduct a dinner focusing on wine from a particular region can be a good icebreaker for a new client. Cruising on a chartered yacht is a great luxury option when entertaining a larger group. Special events unique to your location are also great entertainment options. Of course, your customer may express their preference for a particular activity, such as a concert or sporting event. Work with a concierge to get great tickets or a suite.

Even expected outings like dining can be made memorable for your clients. Successful consultants offer a few tips on making an impression during dinner. First, it is a good idea to develop a working relationship with the manager of a great local restaurant. That way, the manager will accommodate any requests you have for a particular server, table, or specialty items. Another way to impress your patron at dinner is to pre-order a selection of appetizers to be waiting at the table for you as you are seated, or work with the restaurant to create an off-menu entree for your visit. These touches will show the client that you put some thought into the occasion, rather than just making a reservation. Finally, experts recommend that you drink alcohol only in moderation. If you plan to make a few good bottles of wine a part of the evening, hire a car service in advance to transport your guest back to their hotel at the end of the night.

Entertaining clients allows you to develop a personal relationship, as well as express your gratitude for their patronage. Making sure that their stay is comfortable and memorable shows that you value the connection.

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