Precision in Selecting the Right Harmonized Code Is Essential for Importers and Exporters.

In most countries exporters rely on the services of shipping and clearing agents to handle logistics and documentation. Similarly, importers may use agents to manage these responsibilities. Yet when exporters and/or importers rely upon agents to select HS codes for their goods, they’re at risk of paying for someone else’s mistakes. Incorrect harmonized codes can lead to an importer paying. Higher duty than required by law. It can also affect good will between exporters and importers.

Agents are not alone in making Harmonized Code errors.Importers or exporters make mistakes, too, either due to inadequate knowledge of the HS coding system or lack of understanding of the Explanatory Statements,. This can happen in E-commerce environments where shipping is handled by staff unfamiliar with aspects of the harmonized code. Guesswork can result in financial penalties or shipments being denied entry into the country of import.

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule is complex and can be a challenge to understand and use. Those in cross border trade may choose to utilize a printed copy of the schedule and associated publications, but this choice may leave them vulnerable to human error. The alternative is an online service that provides country and region specific schedules, duty rates, trade data and access to Explanatory Statements. A simple, low cost annual subscription is all it takes to get the correct code for a specific product.. E-commerce sites do not need to employ specialists with knowledge of Harmonized Code nor do exporters or importers, since the information is available at the click of a mouse, available as a stand-alone web service or integrated into existing ERP/CRM/GTM frameworks. Integration into SAP, Oracle GTM, JDA, Microsoft Dynamics, Sales Force and Ariba platforms enables reliable, automated coding code assignment.

The benefits are not limited to, accuracy, cost savings and peace of mind. Increased customer satisfaction, with suppliers or buyers achieving accurate estimates of land cost and applicable duties can contribute to repeat business. It is everything international business organizations need:

• Fast, secure, reliable, comprehensive and accurate. 
• Made to order for Global Trade Manager (GTM), E-commerce sites and B2B/B2C sites. 
• The product of extensive research and development by a company with a proven 25-year track record. 
• The subscription price is the lowest; the benefits and ease of use are unmatched and deliver maximum ROIs. 
• If not completely satisfied, a money back guarantee helps set this solution apart from all the rest

A reliably accurate, easy to use Harmonized Code service is not merely an option for those committed to importing and exporting best practices; it is absolutely essential.

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