Preparing Your Grandparents for the Winter Weather

This year, the UK has had a terrible winter. There was snow, flooding and even hurricane winds. A lot of people lost their homes and many people were not prepared for the weather.

The trick is to watch the weather reports and to prepare for the worst. Even if the worst does not happen, at least you will have known that you were ready, just in case.

Elderly people are particularly vulnerable in the winter because they might not have the money to prepare their home and they might feel like they cannot ask for help.

They might leave their homes, in inclement weather, because they need shopping, when they should have asked you for help. You would have been more than happy to do whatever they need you to do, and it wouldn’t be a chore for you.

Therefore, if you have elderly Grandparents and you know that the weather is going to be bad over the next few weeks, then you should make sure that they are prepared and you should make them aware that you will do any shopping for them.

Their Home

You have to make sure that their home is prepared for the weather because the elderly generation might not be able to escape quickly and they are more susceptible to diseases.

If you know that there is a risk that their home will be flooded, you have to move them out and get them to stay with you. If they want to protect their homes whilst they are gone, you should border up the windows and put some sand bags down at any entrance to the home. This includes bottom floor windows.

If the flooding is really bad, then the sand bags might not be any use, but at least you know that you have tried your best. Belongings can be replaced, their lives cannot be.

Leaving the house

If they are adamant that they want to stay home and they want to look after themselves, then you need to make sure that they are well protected and they make smart decisions.

For example, if there are hurricane winds and they mention that they want to go shopping, you have to talk them out of it. They should not be leaving the house in that case. It will be a risk to their lives.

It might be the case that even you cannot leave the house and you are likely to be a lot stronger than them. So, if you would be fearful for your life, then they should be as well.

If the weather is not that bad and they want to go out, then you have to make sure that they are prepared for what they will be facing. The weather will be cold and there might be an icy wind. If they are unprepared for the conditions then they could get sick or injured.


You should have a chat to them and ask them if they are prepared for the weather. Ask them about their outdoor clothing or if they have any protective clothing.

If they don’t have gloves, scarves or hats, then you can buy good ones for relatively cheap prices. You might be better focusing on sheep skin items because they will provide a lot of warmth and protection. The materials are durable and they should last for more than one season.

Therefore, you should think of it as an investment on your part because they will get a lot of wear out of these items. Furthermore, your Grandparents will appreciate getting a gift from you.

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