President Dilma in Spotlight

Much of the confidence in Brazil investment opportunities comes from the perception that Brazil has a strong government led by determined leaders. President Dilma Rousseff is one such leader and this week, she captures takes the spotlight on the international stage.

Dilma’s higher than usual profile this week is US-based. The Brazilian President features on the front cover of Newsweek in its American edition and Dilma will the first woman head of state to open a United Nations General Assembly. In addition, she will receive the Woodrow Wilson Public Service Award.

This stream of accolades comes as recognition of Dilma’s decided leadership of Brazil, currently a leading light in times of global uncertainty. Dilma’s international acknowledgment will also serve to further corroborate Brazil as a destination for some of the best investments for 2011, particularly when it comes to political and economical security.

Brazil in Control

Newsweek, under the title “Don’t mess with Dilma”, details the President’s personal and political life. The article emphasises Brazil’s economic growth and Dilma’s part in this. The recent visit by Barack Obama when he referred to Brazil and the US as “equal partners” and Dilma’s inauguration of the UN General Assembly confirm Brazil’s presence in the world arena.

When asked what differentiates her country from the rest of the world, the Brazilian President highlights Brazil’s strong political and banking controls. For Dilma, these controls mean Brazil can counteract slower economic growth or even global stagnation, unlike many other countries.

Recent statistics back this theory – Brazil barely suffered the effects of the 2008 global recession and currently has record levels of employment and middle class growth. Direct foreign investment in Brazil is also seeing the highest rates ever with private investment in equity at the top.

The latest Ernst & Young Capital Confidence Barometer Brazil recently concluded that when it comes to Brazilian investment opportunities, “the pluses far outweigh the minuses”. This sentiment is echoed by foreign companies active in Brazil, many of whom have noted that 2011 has been a year with intense investor interest and activity.

Centre Stage

In addition to her front cover presence, Dilma is also receiving the prestigious Woodrow Wilson Public Service Award. For Jane Harman, CEO of the Woodrow Wilson Center, “President Rousseff’s story has inspired millions of women throughout the world to reach for leadership”.

Shortly after receiving the award, Dilma will open the General Assembly at the UN in New York where she will be the first female head of state to do so. After just nine months as President of Brazil, Dilma is proving to be an immensely influential leader, capable to leading her own country and others. Brazilian investment is undoubtedly in safe hands.

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