Printers: When and How to Hire One

Trying to handle your own press needs can be limiting, especially if you don’t own high-quality equipment. Although you could purchase new equipment to enable you to perform your own printing, this could be an expensive proposition, as the equipment can be pretty pricey. The other option involves finding and hiring a company to take care of your printing needs.

Delegating this work to a professional company has several benefits. First, you may have been unconsciously limiting the amount of presswork you perform in your business simply because you were ill equipped to produce high-quality copy. Professional printers have the equipment, knowledge, and skills to deliver better quality documents. This can mean better results and higher sales for you as you use your documents. Secondly, many professional companies offer rentals, which might enable you to rent the equipment you need during a peak season or for a special project.

Before hiring a company, analyze several different businesses to find one that will meet your needs. Competition is fierce among printers, so find the best fit that will help you meet your goals.

Meet with a customer service representative from each company and conduct a personal interview.

* Explain your expectations and the type of services you need performed. Create a list of goals and projects so any company you consider knows exactly what you need.

* Find out what types of experience the company has and ask about specific project experience that might match your press needs.

* Ask the company representative for ideas that could enhance your projects. Once you have a representative who knows your needs and your style, this person can often offer intuitive suggestions and ideas that will improve the finished results of projects.

* Ask the company representative about methods available and different prices for these methods. For example, 4-color offset printing is typically suitable for large quantity orders that require a coating on the documents. Digital printing offers more paper options and a fast delivery, but coating is not available on the documents.

Printers may add value-added services in addition to general services. These services may include special software, training, or support for customers. It’s possible that you will receive these services as a package deal with other services included in your contract. Value-added services are often a bargaining point in contracts. A company may be willing to include these additional services at a reduced cost or even free of charge.

Printers generally utilize a service contract between both parties. Before making a hiring decision, examine this contract carefully. The contract should outline the responsibilities of the company in detail. The contract should also describe any liabilities that exist. The contract should include how you can terminate the agreement in the event of default. The contract should also detail insurance for all materials on the company’s premises in the event of fire or other catastrophic event. If you find any disagreeable terms in the contract, flag them and negotiate more acceptable terms prior to signing.

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