Private Equity Firm Database – What Is Included?

Not all private equity firm databases are created equal.  Within the PE industry there numerous resources available for individuals looking to increase their media circulation, increase their capital raising and continue to cultivate relationships within the private equity space.  Due to the high volume of firms within the industry, systems have been created to help categorize and input contact information on both the businesses themselves and key personnel within the firms.

What to expect– As mentioned previously, there are many different types of databases, directories and listings which aim to organize knowledge and contact information about each firm in the PE and buyout firm space.  Regardless of the delivery of the information, the following items are integral in any top of the line, PE directory or database of firms.

  1. Business information– Information regarding the physical mailing address and office location, office phone number, office fax number, internet website address and assets under management (AUM) are often included within the business information.  The information included within this section is often overlooked due to its general nature.  However, the business information especially the AUM allows for a more complete categorization of the PE firms.
  2. Personnel information– Information regarding at least two key executive or principal is included within this section.  Contact details such as professional titles, personal e-mail addresses, personal office phone numbers, and personal cell phone numbers are often found.
  3. In addition, some services include information about the PE or buyout firms, which allow users to better target and focus their resources and strategies.

The previously mentioned items are but a few of the key aspects which you should expect to find included within a professionally made and updated resource.

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