Products That Last

Changing your store location is a true nightmare for almost anyone in any business. The amount of time and money that goes into packing things up getting them moved to the new location in one piece, and unpacking them is difficult enough, but it’s doesn’t compare to the choices you have to make before packing up and before moving in.

Choosing a new location is something that requires a lot of patience and judgment. Whether you’re moving to a better or bigger location, or whether you’re downsizing, you have to think about the new challenges and opportunities that a move has to offer. You have first and foremost a great opportunity to redecorate or redesign your new location. The little details that might have been very time consuming in your previous store are things that you can pay attention to when moving, now that you have the time and space to sort things out properly.

But what I’m going to talk about today is not concerned with the advantages of moving, I will talk about the process of prioritizing the items that have to be salvaged from your old location that will be beneficial for your new place.

The example I will bring is drawn from my sisters business. She owns a specialty clothing boutique. She sells exotic dresses and super expensive clothing that she gets right off the models in shows from Milan to Paris to New York City. (I personally don’t know why people buy suck crazy looking expensive clothing, but that’s just me.)

After a few years of hard work and a bit of luck her store started to make a significant profit. She built her customer base and advertised in the rite places. It go to a point where she need to expand.

So I went to help her pack things up. The things that accumulate in the basement of a clothing store would blow your mind! Old clothing, boxes of every shape and size, dress forms, mannequins, hangers, the list does not end. My sister wanted to through everything out. Not the clothing of course but she wanted to start her new place from scratch. This is where I stepped in.

The mannequins and dress form I forced her to save. These are things that last a lifetime! They don’t get old and they don’t loss there effect. Angers and boxes and old decorations I let her part with. But the things that last forever should never be thrown out.

This is what you need to bear in mind. Don’t think that because you want to do something new that you have to get rid of everything old. There are some things that last and they should be take advantage of. You can save money and aggravation but taking your time to get down to prioritizing the keeps and the don’t keeps.

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