Resurrecting the Declining Greeting Card Tradition

Depressing Statistics

In the 1990s, the holiday greeting cards had a sale of over 2 billion cards which has declined to less than 1 billion this year. This steady decline is incontestable due to the electronic cards, which are easier to send, and you can get varieties too. Photos can be attached to the cards, updates given, and many other additions that make them the favorite way to greet their near and dear ones. The convenience of sending the cards is another factor that has tipped the scales in favor of the electronic cards. The hassles of searching for the card, filling it up, and posting it are totally absent here.

Ray of Hope

Though the statistics look gloomy, there are still many who feel to the contrary. The physical cards are more personal and meaningful. People like the effort they take to search for the right and unique card. Moreover, the receivers are thrilled at receiving the cards. And people are more willing to shell out money for the cards as they represent a tangible and personal experience that can never be achieved by the electronic cards.

The advancements in technology have made it possible for customizing the physical cards more esthetically. The more embellishments are added to the cards, the more they are treasured by the receiver who sees the efforts made by the sender to value the relationship. This broadening of the portfolio and the general feeling that the cards are means to share emotion in a better way make them a good choice.

Facing the Challenge

Though the gradual decline in greeting card sales has brought down the number of stores selling them, the concept has not been rubbed out completely. Instead of being demolished by the age of internet, there are ways to turn it into an advantage. Online methods have been preferred over the traditional forms due to factors like:

• Privacy

• Accessibility

• Speed

• Simplicity and convenience

With mobiles taking over as the best way of communication, people contact each other through cell phone numbers only. Mailing addresses are not saved on phones usually with just the email address and Twitter and Facebook contact handles seen around. The challenge lies in exploiting the resources present to arrive at a better form of sending the greeting cards.

Getting the Upper Hand

Instead of fighting the technological invasion, trying to embrace it is a wise solution. A new technological invention has enabled consumers send the traditional greeting cards through the email address of the recipient without the need for mailing addresses. The benefits of this method include:

• Ease of use

• Receivers can receive cards wherever and from anyone they want

• Privacy is complete as the mailing address is not shared with the sender

• Mobile accessibility

People can thus send the conventional greeting cards to any contacts in their cell phone rather than only to those whose mailing address they have.

Innovation does not mean that the traditional forms need to be erased out completely. This new method of sending greeting cards will spur on a complete revolution in the greeting card market perking up the greeting card sales considerably and bringing relief to the declining trade.

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