Safe Investing During Market Turmoil

Turmoil in the markets makes one wonder what to do next? What is the future of my investments?

My recent hike in Glacier National Park reminded me of the markets and safe investing.

Keys to Safe Investing:

  • make decisions based on facts
  • review your recommendations with charts
  • include a Market Exit Signal to avoid major losses

As I headed down (actually up) the trail to Iceberg Lake the sky was almost black with dark low hanging clouds that looked like they were swallowing the mountains and everything below. Yet as I moved along the trail I noticed there was sunlight, not far ahead, and not much behind me, but almost always on the section of the trial were I was; and that made me think of my investment software program which guides me during both the bright, good times and the dark, stormy times.

There were other striking elements as I moved up the 5 mile trail, climbing about 1,200 ft. When I looked ahead to my destination it seemed like either rain or mist was hanging over the cobalt blue lake below the sheer towering cliffs. And then the cloud started moving towards me, pushed by 10-15 mile an hour winds slapping me in the face. Yet the mist barely touched me as it seemed to skirt around me leaving just its evidence upon the trail of where it had been as I moved ahead.

Just like these weather elements, a personal investment software program can guide you during turbulent markets with features like;

  • buy – signals in charts
  • stop loss signals
  • an equity curve indicator

No, I never considered turning back. I wasn’t going to let the wind, even 20 mile an hour gusts deter me, nor any rain or mist from those blood curling clouds.

Arriving at Iceberg Lake, the sight was just as I imagined, just as I remembered from years past: pristine, quiet, simply rewarding.

That’s why this hike, this lake so reminded me of investing. My tool, my investment software, guides me through the treacherous times to safe investing, and fantastic rewards. My emotions are taken out of my investing decisions by the software so my investment decisions are fact-based.

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