Secrets to Financial Freedom: What’s the Safest Investment Strategy?

With all of the volatility in the economy these days, many people are questioning what the safest investment strategy is. If this is a concern for you, then you might have already considered mutual funds, stocks, gold and several other strategies. Yet, how do you know which investment strategy to put your money in so that it will not only be safe but that it will grow? In this article, I’ll be covering some of my favorite investment strategies and how they can help you in increasing personal wealth and building financial security.

Two Evergreen Investment Strategies

By far the “safest” place to put your money is in an investment that you have control over. This is a scary thought for some of us. However, it’s even scarier to have no certainty or sense of control when your investments aren’t doing well. That said, I believe that one of the most certain places that you can invest your money is in building your own business. Sure, you can invest your money in stocks and mutual funds and invest in someone else’s business.

However, why do that when you could be investing in something which you have control over and which is 100% directed towards adding value for you. For example, if you own a marketing company and you invest money into a new project management or ERP software which allows you to keep better track of your resources, then you’re increasing your chances at earning more money. You’re also making it easier for you to run your business and therefore eliminating a lot of the stress from your life.

Not to mention that you’re probably buying more time for yourself and thus creating more opportunity to do the things which you really enjoy. So the additional benefits of investing in your own business go far beyond financial freedom.

The second investment strategy which is most secure is investment in real estate. As long as human beings are occupying buildings, real estate will be valuable. Sure, the prices of housing will fluctuate, but buying and selling isn’t the only strategy when it comes to real estate investing. Not to mention that the possibility of your real estate dropping all the way to zero value is unheard of.

Provided that you do your homework about real estate investments, you can build a VERY secure net worth by purchasing real estate and either selling it for a profit or renting it for residual monthly income. Real estate investing and investing in your own business are rock solid strategies which you can pretty much count on in any economy. Of course, it’s important that you apply these strategies wisely, but that’s the case with any investment strategy.

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