Select Best Products for Curly Hair

Curly hair can be beautiful and sexy, but it can also be frustrating. On good hair days, you may feel like a goddess. On bad hair days, you feel like an elf with an evil spell on your head. How can you have more good days and fewer bad days? By using the best products for curly hair. You wouldn’t go into battle with a hunting knife and you shouldn’t try to style your hair with anything less than the best.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoos should be light-weight. You don’t want a shampoo that will leave residue behind. Look for products that will wash completely away and don’t create a lot of suds. The sudsing agents in shampoos are the same agents that will cause your curls to go flat. Also, be sure to rinse your hair well. It is unlikely that you will ever need to repeat the shampoo cycle like it says to on the bottle.

Conditioners are a different story. Because curly hair tends to dry out faster than straight hair, it soaks in conditioners. Deep condition at least once a week and use a moisturizing shampoo for the rest of the week. Curly hair doesn’t have to be washed and conditioned every day although it can be a lot easier to start with a wet head in the morning than it is to try and reshape curls.

Styling Products

Traditional gel, like that used by men to get spikes, should not be used on longer, curly hair. Instead, there are gels made specifically for curly hair. Look for one that moisturizes or creates a moisture barrier for individual strands.

Because curls add volume to hair, you may want to capitalize on that volume and include a volumizer. They come in a pump bottle so the amount you apply is controlled. Too much will leave your hair feeling sticky and too little won’t do the job.

Because curly hair needs a little extra help staying in place, you may be tempted to use hair spray. This can create a stiff look that is unnatural. However, there are flexible-hold hair sprays on the market that will allow your hair some movement and keep it where it’s supposed to be.

Finally, try a shine serum to give your curls the ultimate depth. Photographers don’t take pictures of flowers or birds, they take pictures of the way the light hits and highlights the flower or bird. The human eye is naturally attracted to light. If your hair has shine, it will be a showstopper.


When you have curly hair, towel drying is out of the question. Nothing creates frizz faster than rubbing terrycloth over your tresses. Instead, use one of the best products that is appropriate to curly hair: styling gloves. They provide a smooth surface that won’t ruffle the hair. They can be used to absorb the moisture in your hair or to shape curls. To dry with them, scrunch the hair in your fists with the gloves on. To shape with them, wrap the curls around your finger and smooth them down.

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