Self Storage Investment is Taking Europe by Storm

The Self Storage Association (SSA) in the UK is holding a European conference to be held in June of this year in Berlin, Germany. It’s entitled “Going for Growth” and is deemed to be “Europe’s largest self storage conference & trade show.” It includes seminar sessions, trade shows, and an annual dinner and awards ceremony.

What does this mean and why is this bit of event important? It simply means that self storage investment is spreading like wildfire-especially now that there is a global recession and people are looking for investment properties that are more stable and solid. And do you know where it all started? Here in the U.S.! Now, conventions are being held in Europe to help raise awareness as to the benefits of investing in self storage-as a way of rejuvenating the flailing economy of the world.

Ok, let me tell you a bit of history. Self storage first began in the United States in the 1960s. It’s growth was monumental as people did need a place to store their stuff-well, those they can’t sell and those that hold precious memories that they can’t throw away. It reached the UK in the 80s and it has spread to Europe and Asia in the last decade. Now, the fact that self storage has broadened to include almost all the continents, it says one thing about this industry; and that is, it is something worth investing into.

If it’s not one of the places to find best investment properties, then it surely won’t be used to revive floundering economies, now would it? Let me tell you a bit more about self storage investment-just so you know what to invest in when it comes to buying commercial properties.

Self storage is recession-proof. The stuff that people buy when the economy is good does not just go away and disappear once the economy goes bad. Those that they can’t bear to auction off get carted off to a storage facility. I guess this habit is also a symbol of hope as these people have not lost hope that their lives will become better again and they’ll soon move back into a bigger place where they can bring back all of their stuff.

It has a skyrocketing demand. Like what I’ve mentioned, people always need a place to put their extra stuff in-whether the economy is good or bad. Plus, the almost 79 million baby boomers who will be retiring will need a place to store the things they can’t take into their new and smaller homes, as well as when they go on vacation. These two combined make up for a steadily increasing demand for self storage units.

Banks almost always approves loans for self storage. Why? Because self storage has the lowest bank loan failure rate at only 8% and because it presents a lower investment risk as you only need a 67$ occupancy rate to break even. It also has low development (hello, steel roof, walls and doors only!), labor costs (you only need one facility manager or even just a kiosk would do!) and operating costs (no leaky roofs and broken toilets!).

These are just the top three reasons why self storage investment is taking the world by storm! It’s spreading steadily and soon, the market will be tight with competition. So, I advise you-just like what I’ve been advised of-to take advantage of this opportunity now and be a factor in helping our economy recover.

Commercial Property Investing in Self Storage is a cash flow machine with hidden benefits.

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